Mold laser welding machine

Mold laser welding machine
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Mold laser welding machine

Product code: S000052
Manufacturer:: SANHE LASER
Place of sale: N/A
Note:: Mold laser welding machine
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Mold laser welding machine




laser welding machine

Mold laser welding machine product application

Mold laser welding machine widely used in molds, precision injection molding, die castng and punching mold, stainless steel products and other hard materials cracks, chipping, grinding and wear seal repair, welding, cell phones, jewelry, electronics, sensors, precision machinery, communications,crafts and other industries.

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Mold laser welding machine product features

★United Kingdom imports ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and Chamber life (8-10), Xenon lamp life of more than 8 million times

Mold laser welding machine uses the world's most advanced automated blackout systems, eliminating time on eye irritation

★Use 10X microscope, cross hair indicates, and uses high-speed liquid crystal light valve light automatically. Pace with laser output of the shielding gas, ensure that solder joint appearance,oxidation of solder will not change color.

★Use 7-inch LED screen, able to switch in Chinese and English freely, pace with the international market.


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