Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine
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Fiber laser cutting machine

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Note:: Fiber laser cutting machine
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Product application

Fiber laser cutting machine can cutting metal sheet,pipe by no-contact cutting type.particularly suitable for stainless steel,iron,diamond and other materials.for hard maching of brittle alloy has a very good effect.laser cutting technology in sheet metal industry can instead of punch and thread cutting.suitable for cabinet chassis,hardware,adverstising,elevator manufacturing, household appliances,automobile manufacturing aerospace,engineering,machinery and other industries.


Fiber laser cutting machine Product features

★high laser cutting speed,small deformation and high precision

★CNC numerical control system based on optimization algorithm,design of opto-mechatronics,radically cutting performance

★powerful software,simple operation,automatic programming supports dxf,plt and other graphic formats,compatibility strong

★optional automatic feeding machine,consisting of sheet metal cutting flexible manufacturing system.


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