FPC laser cutting machine

FPC laser cutting machine

FPC laser cutting machine
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FPC laser cutting machine

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Note:: FPC laser cutting machine
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FPC laser cutting machine product application

★Cutting a variety of flexible circuit board materials and mulch, clean and free of carbon, including common manufacturing circuit board materials and component parts manufacturing materials.

★Can cut a variety of substrate materials, such as silicon wafers, ceramics, glass etc.

★Precision etching various functional films

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FPC laser cutting machine Product features

★High performance UV laser: uses the high beam quality, high peak power, short pulse width and high

pulse stability imported 10W/355nm, all-solid-state ultraviolet laser , ensure quality and stability

★Optimal design of optical systems: super high beam quality, reducing power consumption, reducing the focal spot size to ensure that UV laser machining accuracy

★Using precision two-dimensional stage and full closed loop CNC system: ensure positioning and repeat accuracy

★Using position sensor and CCD imaging location technology: laser beam datum points and Datum point high precision of machine tools overlap

★Use highly rigid machine tool cushion blocks design, vibration reduction and natural granite base,start/stop and speed up the process of the Elimination of worktable inertial vibration.


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